Terms of Use

These terms apply to the Mail.World and to the Mail.World subdomains.

Please read these Terms and Conditions of Use thoroughly so that you can help us ensure that the form and content of Mail.World is of high quality at all times. When you create, activate, and upgrade an email account on Mail.World or its subdomains, you are obliged to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use outlined below.


You will be asked to activate your account the first time you log in. Here, you will also be asked to enter some account information which, for example, will enable us to help you if you forget your password in the future.

There is no charge for activating your account, and, in the free trial version, the capacity of your inbox will be 100MB for 30 days. If you would like more space, or if you would like to continue with your account after the trial period expires, you can upgrade your mail account. You can create one trial account per user / IP address.

Only one email-account can be made per user / IP address range. If an email account has already been created from your IP address range, you will be prompted to activate/upgrade your account with your debit card. This is to prevent abuse of our mail server.

Warning: Email accounts that are not activated within 14 days of creation will automatically be deleted. If your activated account is not upgraded during the trial period, it will be deactivated by the expiration date, and then deleted automatically 30 days. During this period, the upgrade / re-activation of the account takes place if the user so desires. Once an account is deleted, it can not be restored, but must then be created from scratch.

Use of Mail.World

Once you have created and activated an account, you will be able to send and receive e-mails to and from Mail.World or subdomain you have selected. The first 30 days is free and gives you a capacity of 100GB of space in your Inbox. If you require more space or want to continue after the trial period, you can upgrade your account to get this. We reserve the right to change the capacity that is made available in the standard version.

If you wish to back up your data in your mail account, your account must be upgraded. No back-ups of data are made on free trial accounts.

Mail.World's obligations: Mail.World will provide a web-based email service whereby you can log in to your email account from an internet browser from any computer with internet access whatsoever.

Users' obligations As a user of Mail.World or its subdomains you are obliged:

- Not to provide any inaccurate or false information in connection with your account.
- Not to use your mail account to send messages which may appear offensive or insulting to the recipients.
- Not to send, from yourself or others, spam e-mails from your mail account.
- To activate your account following the instructions you receive on your first login.

If you fail to comply with these obligations we reserve the right to deactivate or delete your account without warning.

Prices and payment terms

Should a user wish to upgrade his/her mail account, this requires the user to have a subscription.

All subscriptions are billed for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time according to the user's choice; the first of these bills are issued at the time of upgrading:

Prices and specifications for a users home country can be found under the tab UPGRADE when the user is logged in his account on www.mail.world

Once you have upgraded your account, daily back-ups of your data are made so that it is secure. Data can be reestablished for up to seven days after the last back-up.

The upgraded email account will be available once payment has been completed, which is normally within 15 minutes.

Subscription terms and conditions:

All subscriptions are extended automatically upon the expiry of each payment period until the user cancels his/her subscription. With this subscription, users no longer run the risk of the ordered subscription running out. This may mean that you build up a number of "due days" that are reimbursed or added to your notice period when you terminate your mail account. The payment amount demanded will always be in accordance with the applicable prices at the time of collection.

Cancellation of subscription and account deactivation:

A user can cancel his/her subscription at any time with effect from the end of the current payment period. A subscription cannot be cancelled or downgraded retrospectively. However, the purchased upgrade will be available until the subscription period expires.

When a subscription is cancelled and the subscription period expires, the mail account will be deaktivated, and no further demands for payment will be made.

If a user wants to delete his account before the subscription period expires, this can be done in the account settings. However, this does not allow for a refund of the in-service payment period.

If you wish to cancel your subscription or delete your email account, you can send an email to support@mail.world, which will return an autoreply with a link and instructions to do so.

Prices are applicable from 1.2.2018 and include VAT.

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